Security reasons for operating system and app updates.

Most OS update fixes security vulnerability in our phones, Updates prevents your phone from being hacked and prevent your data from being shared with the world. It can also help you locate your stolen phone and even remotely wipe all data from your phone.

A lot of people think it’s annoying, a Waste of data and time, what are hackers going to get if I use a phone just like a phone? Currently there are more phone users than desktop users. Increasing numbers of people depend on their mobile device to make online payments, mobile banking, emails, personal images and private chats we don’t want other people to see. Hackers, cyber criminals are buying into this trend, they are targeting specific individuals and random individuals.

In March 2016, a group of John Hopkins researchers  told the public that they had found a bug in apple encryption, that would enable hackers intercept photos, and videos sent through meant to be secure instant messages. Apple, responded to this by releasing a new iOS and urged apple users to update as soon as possible.

When it comes to apps, Millions are downloaded every day on the phones and tabs. These apps have access to your contacts, phone numbers, text messages and email. There are different reasons we need to upgrade, like better performance, removing an old feature and adding an additional feature, and most importantly new security update.

Not upgrading, may allow cyber criminals to gain access to your information. You never know when you would be a person of interest. Messaging Apps and Mobile banking apps need to be updated as soon as a new update is made available. This could protect your personal information and privacy.

Hacks are always looking for loopholes, it is essential to get into the habit on updating your OS and Apps. Fortunately for apps, it can be updated automatically, you just have to set it up yourself. So you never have to worry about putting your life on hold to update an app.

For your OS you have to give your device permission by agreeing to the terms and condition before you can download. Once you are through that hurdle, your phone would run faster and most importantly be more secured.

Finally, It is important to note that upgrading your app and OS does not guarantee security. But once it gets to the attention of the phone and app developers that there is a loophole or breach, a new update is put out as soon as possible.


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